While I was in Paris it only made sense to visit the Palace of Versailles. The Palace is absolutely stunning and holds so much history that one simply cannot go to Paris and not visit the Palace. I mean there’s gold EVERYWHERE and gardens that are so beautiful!

Versailles was my last destination while in Paris. I saved this for the end because it would take up most of the day and I used the other two days for seeing other sights and landmarks throughout Paris. The day started out much later than I had originally planned due to some technical difficulties with my alarm malfunctioning on my cell phone. Just gotta love technology! Anyhow, my journey to Versailles finally began closer to 2PM. I took the metro to a certain stop and then from that stop, I had to take a different train to get to Versailles. I would say the trip in total took maybe 30-45 minutes, but it definitely felt much shorter than that.

I HIGHLY recommend starting out much earlier than that if you want to actually get into the Palace and not stand in line for hours to avoid having to pay about 22 euros to skip the line and go into the Palace. It’s definitely worth it to go to the Palace, I must say! It was just breathtaking, especially when you take into account that this Palace was built so long ago. You get some headphones and a little tape player looking machine to take with you as you walk around the palace which tells you about the history and significance of each room.

I’d say my favorite places in the Palace were the gardens as well as the Hall of Mirrors.

IMG_4856 IMG_5185

I was absolutely in love with the gold that was basically everywhere in the palace. I loved the decorated ceilings, the chandeliers, I loved everything about the palace. I loved it so much that I think that I now want a Palace of Versailles inspired home one day with gardens and landscaping in the backyard.


Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset


After touring the beautiful Palace, I managed to work up an appetite and found a little restaurant where I could have dinner. I don’t recall the name of it but it’s extremely close to the Palace, and you pass it on the way back to the metro to take the train back to Paris. I ordered the crystallized duck over roasted garlic potatoes and it definitely didn’t disappoint! The meat was very tender and seasoned pretty decently. I’m quite picky about how my food is seasoned because I am a foodie and LOVE to cook! With that being said, I definitely enjoyed this meal and would order it again!


You should definitely add Versailles to a list of must see places, and if the opportunity arises to visit, I say you go for it! You won’t be disappointed and you’ll get some great photos!

Full Album here 



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