Siena was the first place I visited in Italy. It is a small town in Tuscany and it is very easy to get around. I arrived in Siena via train as with all of my travels during my postgrad Euro trip. Lucky for me, one of my dear friends plays basketball and he was playing in Siena so of course I dropped by for a visit!

Siena grew on me because at first I wasn’t quite sure how I felt about Siena. For one thing, I definitely enjoyed being told I was beautiful daily by the Italian men. That of course never got old and it was always something I could look forward to each day. I’m pretty convinced that Italian men LOVE black women! So if you’re a black woman and you want to be about the swirl life, I HIGHLY suggest visiting Italy….any part really because the men will adore you!

Siena is a tiny little town and very easy to explore. You can take the local bus or the local train to pretty much get anywhere around the town. For me, I had the luxury of driving everywhere because my friend had a car. This was also my first time driving in another country but it was a breeze because I was driving on the same side that I would be driving on back home in America.

The main attraction in Siena is the Duomo or the center. It is a very large area and has plenty of restaurants, cafes, bars and vendors. You can also find a cathedral in the duomo as well as beautiful views of Tuscany. On your way walking to the duomo, you can find local artists creating beautiful pieces of art on the street. The street art was one thing in particular I enjoyed because I’m not very artistic so I appreciate those that can create beautiful art.

I remember in particular trying to figure out the history of the duomo and the various architectural structures and walking around the duomo, when an older man stopped me and began having a conversation with me. Of course because I’m American and had seen the movie Taken on a few occasions, I was a bit weary at first and considering running away. But I didn’t get negative energy from this man, I felt safe and didn’t get a gut instinct that he would try to kidnap me or harm me so I stuck around and enjoyed some harmless conversation with this man. He began to fill me in on the history of the duomo, explaining to me why buildings were constructed a certain way and what the buildings used to be utilized as before they were church buildings. Essentially this man gave me a walking tour and it was a great experience speaking with a local. So for my people out there wear of speaking to strangers, it’s ok! I’ve found that most Europeans aren’t out to get you or harm you, people tend to be genuinely nice and want to help you learn about their culture and their country.

I really enjoyed Siena and would definitely go back to visit. I don’t think that I would stay for a full week if I return to Siena. I suggest staying in Sienna for four days max. It’s a very small place and if you get an early start on your days, you can pretty much see everything in a few days.



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