Scharnstein, Austria

Ever since I saw the musical, The Sound of Music, I wanted to visit Austria. I love Julie Andrews and could watch The Sound of Music every single day. Anyways, if you visited the About section of my blog then you already know that after graduating from university I went to Europe for a month. During this trip I went to Austria, Switzerland and Italy.

In Austria, I did not venture out much because the weather was quite cold and rainy. I had the pleasure of staying with a family friend in the countryside and absolutely loved it! I’m obsessed with watching sunsets, it’s actually one of my favorite times of day and I try my best to catch the sunset in every country I travel to.

Staying in the countryside was a new experience for me but it was great for unplugging from social media and really just taking in each moment. For breakfast each morning, I had eggs that were laid by the chickens in the backyard and they were I kid you not the best eggs I’ve ever tasted. They were so fresh and definitely tasted different from the eggs I was used to eating in America. Behind the house there was a pond with ducks and fish, a mini stable which housed chickens (free range) and if I remember correctly a goat and a horse.


We managed to venture out for one day for a little bit and enjoyed a glass of Prsecco by the water. It was very nice little area with a variety of restaurants, cafes and bakeries. I throughly enjoyed the views as I love any view that has mountains and especially views with water.

I also went to the mall which was about a good 25-35 minutes away from our little home in the country. The mall was quite fabulous. The food court looked more like a fine dining area and the mall was ENORMOUS! This mall was definitely one of the nicest malls I have ever been to.


Getting to Austria: I flew Delta from Richmond, VA where I connected in Atlanta and then from Atlanta flew into Munchen (Munich), Germany. There were no flights on Delta to Austria, at least not the area where I would be staying. Surprisingly I wasn’t nervous at all! It was my first international trip that I had taken by myself but I was more excited than anything. After landing in Munich and deplaning, I went through customs then made my way to the train station which was below the airport. It was extremely finding the train station. I followed the signs to the train station which was easy because the signs were in German as well as in English. The only tricky part was actually buying my ticket from the kiosk. It took me a while but I just took a deep breath and remained positive. Finally, I purchased my ticket from Munich to Salzburg where I would be meeting my family friend. I don’t quite remember how much my ticket cost because this was back in 2014 but I do remember the ticket being pretty cheap.

I throughly enjoyed my time in Austria and hope to return soon to visit Vienna and Salzburg and the quaint little towns.



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