Nyon, Switzerland

Switzerland has easily become a favorite for me. I have visited during both the summer and the winter. This particular time, I visited my family in Gland very close to Nyon. I made my way to Switzerland after leaving Austria. I took the train and what should have been an 8 hour train ride turned into a 12 hour journey but I’ll get into details about that much later.

Switzerland is a very expensive country and their currency is the Swiss Franc. If you save money and plan your trip out properly, it can be done! Fortunate enough for me, I have family living in Switzerland so I had accommodation for the few days I would be staying in Switzerland. The one thing that would probably help me out the most was if I could speak a little bit of French as French is one of the official languages of Switzerland. But if you don’t speak French there’s NO need to fret! Pretty much everyone understands English and if not, will do their absolute very best to direct you to someone that speaks English and is able to help you.

One thing that I absolutely love about Gland is that it is extremely close to Lake Geneva. Since I was visiting in the summer and the weather is a bit warm, I would run to the lake and workout and then walk back to the house. I absolutely loved spending time by the lake enjoying the view and just taking in the scenery. Often times, I would sit and just reflect on life and how far I had come.


I visited Nyon, Geneva and Morges on this trip to Switzerland and I can’t decide which is my favorite. Traveling around Switzerland is quite easy. You pretty much just hop on the train which runs very frequently and is quite cheap. One thing that I really love about Switzerland is the fact that no matter where I was, I always seemed to have a view of water or of the mountains. I went to Virginia Tech which is in southwestern Virginia and I had grown to love the mountains so seeing the mountains in Switzerland made me a bit nostalgic missing my college town.

Also, if you’re a chocolate lover like myself you have to be sure to eat as much chocolate as you can while in Switzerland. They have some of THE best chocolate! The cuisine seemed to consist of a lot of cheese much similar to that of their French neighbors.

Switzerland is a place that I can go back and visit countless times. I hope to return to Switzerland and spend some time in Zurich, Lugano and of course the Swiss Alps!

Highest water fountain


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  1. Switzerland is in my 2017 travel list…I absolutely love mountains and have wanted to visit for ages! Where would you recommend for a long weekend visit?


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