Toledo sits just outside of Madrid on the Tagus River and is rich with history and culture. Toledo was the capital of the Spanish empire until about the mid 1500s then the royal court moved to Madrid.


Getting to Toledo: From Madrid, there are a few ways to get to Toledo all which are quite inexpensive. You can take the bus from Plaza Eliptica  (metro stop Eliptica). I believe the fare is about 9 euro roundtrip and the bus ride takes about 45 minutes to an hour. If you have an abono, you can get to Toledo for free by simply scanning your abono card upon entering the bus. You can also take the AVE train from the Atocha station which will take about 35 minutes and cost you roughly 22 euro roundtrip if you leave and return on the same day. I opted to take the bus with my friend from Germany whom I met while on a group trip in Sevilla.

Upon arriving in Toledo, we walked about 20 minutes up to the Old Town where the church and other landmarks are located. I’m quite a dramatic person, but this walk really did feel like an hour to me. It didn’t help either that it was 37 degrees (98 Fahrenheit) and the sun was beaming on my back. When we finally reach the Old Town I was ecstatic to not have to walk up anymore hills and was glad to stop and basically drink all of my water.

Toledo is a cute little village and has quite a bit to see. I prefer Segovia, but Toledo is definitely a must see if in Madrid. We walked around the village, saw some sites, saw A LOT of tiles which Toledo is known for and enjoyed and took in all of the scenery. It was an extremely hot day, so we weren’t there for too long, so unfortunately I can’t leave recommendations for places to indulge in some good food.

Toledo is a great destination for a day trip if you want to get out of the city. It’s very easy to get to in addition to being pretty cheap and you’ll get a chance to learn a lot about the history of Spain, Madrid and the royal court.


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