Be Madrid: Brunch at the Bernabeu

Brunch. Something that Americans LOVE to do on Sundays. What comes to mind when you think of brunch? Bottomless mimosas, food, more food, good music and a day party. My first brunch experience was in New York at Pranna for my 22nd birthday. I remember having Thai food and bottomless Mimosas, Bellinis and Bloody Mary’s; a free bottle of champagne, good music and partying from 2 until around 7 or 8. If you’re an experienced bruncher, then you know bottomless mimosas are a MUST. In Spain, they haven’t quite gotten the whole brunch thing down and it’s a work in a progress BUT nonetheless brunch in Madrid can be fun!


Where do you brunch in Madrid? There are endless venues where you can brunch at a variety of prices. Surprisingly, the brunch menus have some American dishes like eggs benedict, french toast, pancakes, etc. The bottomless drinks, not quite a thing in Madrid yet but hopefully it will be soon enough.


One of the brunch parties that I attended that was one of my favorites, was a brunch held at the Real Madrid Stadium, the Bernabeu. Brunch was on a terrace overlooking the stadium, there was a DJ and a photographer and it was really a nice vibe. I was slightly reminded of the brunches I so loved back in the states. This brunch didn’t quite include food and bottomless drinks but it was still very fun and a nice way to meet new people and network. Entry was VERY cheap, if I remember correctly it was only 5euros to enter and you receive a glass of wine. I obviously wouldn’t have minded paying slightly more and getting some food and bottomless drinks.


Brunch at the Bernabeu wasn’t every weekend, but when they were a brunch best believe I was there with my friends having a great time! If you get the chance to attend a brunch at the Bernabeu hosted by Be Madrid, definitely go!





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