Until this trip, I had never visited the south of Spain or ventured anywhere in the southern province of Andalucía. I was so excited to visit Seville for the weekend because one of my best friends was visiting me from California and would be with me for two weeks. I had not had any visitors really and a familiar face who knows me extremely well was so refreshing to have around. Before she left California we had been talking trying to plan some trips while she was here and we decided on Seville and Barcelona. I’m not one for planning, I actually abhor planning vacations and daily itineraries, so I checked online to see if there were any organized groups that would be traveling to Sevilla. I found an organized trip through BeMadrid and the rest was history!


The bus was scheduled to leave from Ventas at 2am on a Saturday morning. We had packed our bags and were ready for the weekend ahead but the universe I’m afraid had other plans for me. I got pickpocketted that day and it caused a downward spiral of a chain of events. My wallet was taken out of my bag on the busy metro which was packed with people like a can of sardines. I didn’t notice my wallet was gone until we were leaving my friend’s apartment to head to the bus. I noticed that my bag was opened which was very unusual because I always keep it closed. My wallet had EVERYTHING in there! My European student card, insurance card, credit card, debit card, college ID and contact cards I had for some people. I was so upset that I had allowed this to happen to myself and didn’t want to go to Seville.

But everyone around me insisted and I had already paid for the trip. So I decided to go. Spent about five to six hours on a charter bus to get to Seville. When we first arrived in Seville, immediately we had a walking tour of the city. We started in a square and ended up in Plaza Espana. The Plaza was extremely beautiful and definitely picture worthy. After we had our walking tour we headed to the hotel for check in and then I showered and changed my clothes and headed back out to take pictures. I didn’t end up going out that night because I was in such a bad mood from all of my stuff being taken and I didn’t want to go out and then lose my phone.

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The next morning I woke up got ready and had breakfast at the hotel and then we were back on the bus seeing the city. We finally got off of the bus by La Seta which is a well known architectural structure in Seville. We went up to the top and got to see a nice view of the city. Then walked around the city a little bit and stopped at a restaurant for lunch before heading back to the bus to get back to Madrid.

Seville is definitely a beautiful city with some amazing sights to see and beautiful gardens. You can do a boat tour, walking tour of the city and learn so much about the history and culture of Seville. Another thing you may also want to do while in Seville is catch a flamenco show, as Seville is home of the flamenco.

As you can see, I had an extremely quick trip to Sevilla and didn’t get a chance to do and see everything while I was there so I have to return. In all honesty I didn’t enjoy the trip as much as I would have liked to because getting my wallet stolen just as I was preparing to leave pretty much left me in poor spirits and I really didn’t want to be in Seville but since the trip was already paid for, I went. I think it would be best for me to return to Seville when my mind is clear and not heavy with other things going on, Nevertheless, I recommend going to Seville and seeing it for yourself because pictures don’t do it justice!

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As a sidenote, if you’re a Game of Thrones fan, you DEFINITELY and absolutely MUST visit Seville! You will be able to visit sites that were used for filming the show and can take lots of pictures! I definitely recommend you visit Seville if you have the chance. You don’t need much time to see all the major things and I would probably stay for 3-4 days max.


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  1. Ellaine O'Neill June 11, 2016 — 2:34 am

    How upsetting. What a shame. You were fortunate in Athens, but they got you in Seville. I hope you will be able to replicate your ID and other important documents.


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