I must admit, I’ve been TERRIBLE with traveling throughout Spain and discovering this beautiful country. I’ve been neglecting traveling Spain because I have been trying to reach my goal of visiting 25 countries by my 25th birthday in April. I managed to fit in a quick day trip to visit a small village and a winery about two hours outside of Madrid in IMG_2855Castilla y Leon. More specifically, Portia and Lerma which are both in Burgos.

This trip was for my roommate’s birthday. We figured we would do something small and somewhat local since the next weekend we would be off to London. Through CityLife Madrid, we booked this trip to Portia and Lerma, which cost us 35 euro. The price covered the cost of transportation to and from Burgos, a tour of a vineyard, wine tasting, and a guided tour of Lerma. Our journey began early in the morning from Moncloa, where would catch our charter bus. The ride was about two hours long and I used those two hours to sleep! We had to be at Moncloa by 8:30 AM, which is quite early on a Saturday morning for me, when I’m used to waking up around 2 in the afternoon on Saturdays.

In Portia, we toured the facility and learned about how the wine is made, bottled and aged. We also saw the storage room with countless bottles of wine. I must say it was quite interesting learning about all of the things that goes into making a nice bottle of wine. I never really thought about how much goes into making wine until that very moment. I definitely have a lot more appreciation for the making of wine.


After we were finished touring the winery, learning about the wine making process and enjoyed a few glasses of wine, we were off to our next destination, Lerma. Lerma is a small village in Burgos which is in Castilla y Leon. In a way, it reminded of Segovia. Segovia, is another village which I visited last year. While in Lerma, I throughly enjoyed a five course meal all for 25 euro. It seems like a lot to spend on lunch but when I think of the ungodly amount of food I consumed, it’s definitely not a bad price after all. The meal began with a salad followed by mushrooms and bread, sausages, a wrap with rice and meat, the main dish of pork and then lastly a dessert! The food was so delicious and well seasoned, I was in my foodie glory! If there’s one thing I absolutely love, it’s definitely GOOD food! No shame in it either, I can put away a good meal!

After lunch, we walked around the village, took a few pics then sat for a while until it was time for us to tour the church. The church was absolutely beautiful inside and unbelievably cold. I hate to admit that I didn’t really understand too much of the tour of the church because it was all in Spanish and I’m still learning. That was definitely rough but I’m pretty sure I understood that the church holds a lot of history and is still used to this day.

Overall, I would say that I enjoyed this day trip and that it was nice to leave the city and visit a village. Wine is one of my favorite things so of course I would love learning about how it is made and of course tasting it. If you get a chance to visit Lerma or Bodega Portia, I say DO IT!


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