48 Hours in London

I had a VERY quick but thorough trip to London. London has been one of my top destinations for a while and I’m so blessed and grateful that I was able to finally make it there although for only 48 hours. If you’ve been following my blog, you’re well aware that my goal has been to visit 25 countries by my 25th birthday in April. London, UK made country 22 with 3 more countries to go! I’m proud to say that the last 3 trips to make 25 countries have been booked!

Anyways back to London. So I booked a flight leaving Madrid at 6:20AM and arriving at 8am in London, then leaving London at 6:50 and returning to Madrid at 8. Why such an early flight? Well to start off, I couldn’t leave until a Friday and it was the cheapest option. As always, I flew RyanAir and made it to London and back to Madrid in one piece!

As you should know by now, it wouldn’t be right if something strange, odd or just outright crazy and unbelievable occurred while traveling. Well glad to let you know, this is still a thing and something of course happened. The flight from Madrid to London is about two hours, which is nothing after you’ve taken a 10-hour flight and an 8-hour flight. I slept for a good amount of time because I had been out the night before and had the true jetsetting experience. I went to the club from 12:30-3:45am, returned home a little before 4AM, finished packing my suitcase had a snack then was back out the door on the way to the airport. Who needs sleep anyways right? Ok, back to the main point, after sleeping for maybe an hour I woke up just in time for the excitement on the flight. A man had gotten up to use the restroom which is quite normal on a flight, and all of a sudden I hear shouting and then I hear a loud THUMP. My goodness, I immediately got ready for the emergency landing that I was sure was to come. Nope, no emergency landing thank goodness! This man passed out and hit his head on the way down and just laid there cold for at least 5-10 minutes. The flight attendants are of course trying to act as if they are remaining calm but everyone can tell they’re not and that things are getting serious quickly. This man was traveling with a few other people and of course their first reaction was to get up and run to his rescue. They quickly left their seats and ran to him, calling his name trying to get him to respond. Eventually the man got up, rather confused as to why he was just on the ground with his friends around him. I must say I’m ever so glad that he was not seriously hurt but even more glad that we didn’t have to have an emergency landing or detour to get him to a hospital.

As you can imagine, it was hard to return to a deep sleep after all of that excitement. I managed to fall back asleep but by the time I was in a good sleep, it was time for us to land! We landed at Stansted airport, then I took a bus for about an hour to Stratford, where my apartment for the weekend was located. This  bus was very nice and had free wifi! I was glad about the wifi so that I could communicate with family back in the states and let them know that I had landed and was ok. The bus took us to Stratford where I got off right in front of Westfield Mall which is one of the largest malls in the world. I didn’t go into the mall because I didn’t want to be tempted to shop and spend the pounds that I didn’t have. After getting off of the bus and getting my suitcase, I started walking to the Stratford Eye, where I would be staying for the weekend. The apartment was in a high rise building with a pretty nice view of the city. It took a while before I could get the keys to the apartment and leave my stuff but once I got the keys I quickly put my stuff into the room, freshened up then was out the door!

I went to a halal restaurant with a friend that I actually met while he was traveling in Madrid, and I had a lamb wrap with a salad and I must say it was delicious! My inner foodie was very satisfied!! Once we were done with lunch we were off to sight see! We went on a boat ride on the River Thames and got to see the city, architecture, the Tower Bridge, Big Ben, the London Eye and much more. It was absolutely amazing and I was taking it all in and just enjoying the moment!



We got off the boat by the London Eye then of course took pictures! After pictures we walked around to do as much sight seeing as we could do since we really only had one more full day in London. We saw Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, The London Eye and of course took photos by the red phone booths because you can’t go to London and not take a photo at the red phone booth! After sight seeing and taking a bunch of photos, I returned to the apartment and decided to relax for a bit before it was time to head out for the night.

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After I was done relaxing and getting some rest, I ordered some Jamaican takeout and it was SO good! I had been missing my Jamaican food because it’s not something I can easily buy in Madrid.Matter of fact, Jamaican food in Spain doesn’t exist!  My craving was satisfied and once again my inner foodie was happy! We went out to a bar and I had such a fun night! I danced the entire night and was so glad to hear some Rap and R&B because when out in Madrid I mostly hear Spanish music and House.

The next day I had a bunch to see once more! I headed to King’s Cross Station to take a picture at the famed Platform 9 3/4 from Harry Potter, Oxford Street, Trafalgar Square and Harrod’s. I visited each of those places and in that order and along the way stopped by a pub for none other than fish and chips and a cider! I absolutely LOVED walking around London and seeing the red double decker busses, the old school taxis and the red phone booths. This city was so amazing and I wish that I had more time there. It’s a place I will definitely return to when I have the opportunity!


Although short, I thoroughly enjoyed my time in London and felt like I saw most of what I should have seen. I got my pictures with Big Ben in the background and the red phone booth which are the most popular photo ops in London. London is a place rich with history and amazing architecture and vibrant people. I enjoyed my fish and chips and the atmosphere of the pub. It was refreshing and fun. One thing I will say that I didn’t think would have been a problem before leaving for London, was understanding their English. I LIVE for their accents but often times, it was hard to understand what was being said to me because they speak SO quickly that it sounds like all of the words run into each other. Other than that, I have no complaints. London is amazing and if you get the chance to visit London, I beg you to do so! Also, if you have been unsure on if London is somewhere you want to visit because of things you may have heard or even because of the cold gloomy weather, I still think you should consider visiting and forming your own opinion. Out of the 2 days I was in London, I was lucky to get some “good weather” and by good I mean it wasn’t freezing and it wasn’t extremely cloudy or raining. The second day I wasn’t so lucky but the rain and gloominess was still manageable!

I hope that whoever reads this adds London to their list of destinations to visit if you haven’t already visited, and if you are on the fence about going, I hope this blog post has convinced you to visit London one day in the near future!



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  1. Ellaine O'Neill March 3, 2016 — 8:38 pm

    Hi Misha-Lee. Thanks for sharing. London is also one of my favorites. Folks are so civil and well mannered. I remember being there for Lady Di’s wedding and a few times later.You will make your gol of 25 by 25, Fantastic !


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